Privacy Statement

Web server data

When you visit our website your internet browser automatically submits to our web server the following information, which is recorded in so called log-files:

  • The Internet Protocol (IP) address of your internet connection
  • Date and time of the access
  • Name, location and size of the files you access on our webserver
  • The website where the access comes from (Referrer URL)
  • The browser you are using and the operating system of your computer

The above information is necessary (1) to deliver the contents of our website correctly, (2) in case of reclamation, (3) to guarantee the continued functionality of our information technology systems, (4) to identify and defend against misuse, (5) to improve and optimize the contents of our website. We retain full server logs for one year, after which they are deleted.


Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file, which your computer or mobile device downloads when you visit a website. When you return to websites — or visit other websites that use the same cookies — they recognise these cookies and therefore your browsing device. Cookies are harmless to your computer and cannot execute any program or virus.

By using cookies we can provide user friendly services that could not otherwise be possible. For example our shopping cart would not be able to operate without the use of the so-called "session" cookie. Session cookies are temporary in nature and automatically deleted as soon as you close your internet browser. Session cookies are strictly necessary for the operation of our website.

Our website also uses 3rd party Google Analytics tracking cookies (see Google's privacy statement) to analyze internet traffic to our website. These cookies collect information about how you use our website, for example which pages you go to most often and if you get error messages from certain pages. These cookies don't gather information that identifies you. All information these cookies collect is anonymous and is only used to improve how our website works. These cookies are not used to target you with online marketing. Even though they are not strictly necessary, without these cookies we can't learn how our website is performing and make relevant improvements that could better your browsing experience.

If cookies are disabled on your computer, tablet or mobile your experience on the website may be limited. For example, you may not be able to browse freely or use specific functions or features.

To disable or enable cookies you will need to change some settings on your Internet browser, as follows

Google Chrome

  • In the settings menu, select 'show advanced settings' at the bottom of the page
  • Select the 'content settings' button in the privacy section
  • In the page that appears tells you can manage and/or clear stored cookies.


  • In the menu, select 'options'
  • Select the privacy tab in the options box
  • From the dropdown choose, 'use custom settings for history'. This will present the options for cookies and you can choose to enable or disable cookies.

Internet Explorer 6+

  • In the tools menu, select 'Internet options'
  • Click the privacy tab
  • You will see a privacy settings slider which has six settings that allow you to control the number of cookies that will be placed: Block All Cookies, High, Medium High, Medium (default level), Low, and Accept All Cookies.


  • In the settings menu, select the 'preferences' option
  • Open the privacy tab
  • Select the option you want from the 'block cookies' section

Any other browser

For information on how to manage cookies via other desktop browsers please consult your documentation or online help files.

Payment data

Our website does not collect, handle or store any of your personal payment details. All such details are collected and managed securely on our behalf by PayPal after you click on the checkout button. You pay us through PayPal and we never see your bank account or credit card numbers.

Upon successful payment PayPal sends us an email with your name, email address, shipping address and of course the items you ordered. We do not share this information with any third party and use it to fulfil both your order and our tax record keeping obligations.


After you place an order, the PayPal payment confirmation page will redirect your browser back to our website on which you will be asked if you would like to be subscribed to our newsletter. If you do give your consent, your email address only (but not your name) will be added to our newsletter mailing list. You can ask us at any time to remove your email address by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Of course we always include unsubscribe instructions in every newsletter we send.

Sending us an email will result in the email contents, including the email address and name included in the email, being stored, along with information on the address the email was received from, and the time it was received. This information is required to reply to received emails and to monitor our email system, for maintenance and to detect security problems.

By sending us an email you consent to us storing the email on our systems. The duration emails need to be stored to reply to and follow up is highly variable so there is no automatic expiry of received emails. We manually delete old emails that are no longer needed.

Our email system protects email contents using encryption during both reception and sending of email, when it communicates with another email system that also supports encryption (via STARTTLS).

No information sharing

We do not sell or share any private information with third parties. You can request access to any information we might have on you, and request that this information be deleted or updated. If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, data processing or wish to have private information removed, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In order to comply with any requests, we might require additional information to verify your identity.