We are looking for great demos that make good use of our Breath Controllers

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This TEControl BBC2 is such a joy to play with. Not only does it help me get more realistic midi mock ups and free me to be able to get expressive performances while using two hands for keyboard input but it also puts me in the mindset of a player who uses their breath with their instrument and so really helps the process of idiomatic composing as well. Thanks guys! https://www.instagram.com/p/CCp_kf5Jdr9/?igshid=s6ozyyss82gy

Jesse Carmichael
Rhythm guitarist for the pop rock band Maroon 5

Having been a keen user of the breath controller since the original Yamaha BC1, I was delighted that TEControl continue to develop and improve the concept. I use their latest model all the time in the studio and on tour with Paul McCartney: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23Zy24AC6DE

Paul “Wix” Wickens
MD Paul McCartney

Since I was a little child striving to learn guitar, I've always dreamed to emulate other instruments playing my guitar... in fact it is very inspirational for new songs and it really helps to open your mind to other way of playing or phrasing. Now that dream came true: the Breath and Bite Controller 2 really allows you to reach a new level of realism in the emulation of wind instruments with the guitar, as I show you in my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGjozM5qCdE

Leo Gibson

I have been working as producer/composer for 22 years and I must tell you that your breath controller has changed a lot my way of working with my DAW. Not only my brass instruments sound much more natural and alive, also now I can use both hands when programming strings while I use your device to control the dynamics. Again, thanks for creating such a useful product.

Pablo Cebrian

I've finally gotten around to start using my BBC2. I have Sample Modeling's "The Saxophones" and I wanted to put them to the test. Being a brass player who's done a lot of big band work over the past 40 years I ended up choosing a classic, "Four Brothers" to practice on. For CC11 I did separate passes on all 4 sax tracks, did a little tweaking after and ended up with a sax section that's already fooled 3 sax players I know. It sure as heck sounds like humans playing. Hope you like it!

Bobby Ryan

The TEControl breath controller has transformed the way I use wind samples in my work. Not just making the samples speak in a way that is more realistic but also helping me with orchestration by reminding me that wind players need to breathe. I've used it on TV productions including Marley's Ghosts, Upstart Crow and I Want My Wife Back. And in theatre productions such as Breakfast at Tiffany's, Great Britain and Sherlock Holmes - the Best Kept Secret.

Grant Olding
Drama Desk Award winning composer

Hi, thought you might like to hear this example of BBC2 plus Sample Modeling Trumpet and Spitfire Audio Albion One. All instruments are played using the BBC2 for maximum expression. The sequencer is Cubase 8.5 and Wavelab 8 for mastering.


Ray Manderson
Ray's Tomatoshark interview

Below is a link to my very first effort using the TEControl USB MIDI Breath Controller. It worked so well that the piece was picked up by a music library. Please feel free to use it in your website and other promotional materials so long as I get credit on the title. You can be assured that I control all rights to the piece and am the sole composer.

The Arising cue was written for a small string ensemble supplemented with English Horn. It was written and produced using the TEControl USB MIDI Breath Controller on an iMac with Logic 9 and the East/West Quantum Leap Orchestra.


Mark Werlein

Hi, my name is Ramiro, I am a pianist from Argentina, and I recently bougth the Breath and Bite Controller. I am a happy person now!!! This is a revolution for any piano player. My congrats to you!

Here is a video that I made to show the product to my friends:


Ramiro Gómez

I love your breath controller and I also like your marketing - polite and not too much, which I much appreciate. I did a track using the breath controller, here's the synth part:


Charlie Lewis
Composer, Keyboards Player

Just wanted to give a heads up that the breath controller came to the rescue on a new TV show I'm doing... "The Odd Couple" on CBS-TV, premiering 2.19.15. We needed to emulate an artist who's band centers around a trombone with some trumpet along with it... cool southern rhythm section, etc. Going from our cues, to the live band playing the theme, the difference was unrecognizable. Without Breath Controller, the sound is vastly less real... I use Samplemodeling horns and they are pretty much in a class by themselves. Just wanted you guys to know how essential your product is.

Bruce Miller
Composer, Arranger, Conductor, Instrumentalist

The TEControl USB MIDI Breath Controller has saved me countless hours of tedious MIDI CC editing. Recording wind parts while using the Breath Controller to modify expression results in a dynamic and lifelike performance, to a degree that would not be achievable otherwise. Not only does it increase productivity, but it results in better sounding mockups as well.

Toby Sherrif
Composer, Orchestrator, Software Developer

Your USB MIDI Breath Controller totally has "The expression". It's the controller I have been looking for many years. You've created a beautiful controller and I know I will have many hours of enjoyment with it in the years to come. It has given SOUL to my music. It is worth EVERY penny and more!
Thanks for this great little portable breath controller. What a wonderful instrument.

Harpreet Khurana
Muzik Station
Watch Harpreet playing the Indian National Anthem using the USB MIDI Breath Controller

Here are some pieces you might be interested in.

Published on SoundCloud with permission of Bill McBirnie
- Left channel - Robi Botos on piano and Bill McBirnie on Flute.
- Right channel - Slava Fiks on SWAM flute playing Breath and Bite Controller.

Nostalgia is an original piece written for SWAM Tenor Sax. Breath sensor was used for dynamics and vibrato, bite sensor - for growl (at 2:06/08).

Satisfied Customer
Vyacheslav (Slava) Fiks

I send you a simple "One Note Demo" that shows how it is possible and easy to control the Samplemodeling instruments only with the Breath and Bite Controller and nothing else.

Flutter and Hit tongue, Dynamic Crescendo and Diminuendo, Pitch Bending and Vibrato... all these only using the Breath and Bite Controller... Simply amazing!!!!

Stefano Lucato
Swam Engine

In this recording I have used your USB MIDI Breath Controller controlling the expression of the Sax brother’s VST. I’m playing the sax using my guitar with Fishman Tripleplay, a wireless guitar controller which triggers insanely fast.

Odd Rune Falch a.k.a. Falken

Hello good folks at TEControl

My name is Brian Fergus. I live in Oregon, USA. I purchased your USB MIDI Breath Controller last year and I LOVE it! I thought you might like to check out some videos I've been doing with it

Tuesday Afternoon
Nights In White Satin
Gnossienne No. 1
The Court of the Crimson King

My daughter and I also have an eight song EP we've recorded (she plays breath-activated electronic pianica). It is available for free download on SoundCloud

So, basically, thanks for making a terrific product. WE LOVE IT!!!

with appreciation,
Brian Fergus and Ani Lowe

Here are two recordings where I have used the TEControl USB MIDI Breath Controller.

The first is an orchestral version of a portion of the Star Wars theme by John Williams. All parts were created with Vienna Symphony Library, played with WX5, TEControl USB MIDI Breath Controller or MIDI keyboard.

The second is Freddie Freeloader, and is a lift of the first part of the famous tune performed by the Miles Davis Quintet (including Wynton Kelly and Miles' solos). All instruments are played either on MIDI keyboard or with a TEControl USB MIDI Breath Controller. Drums are BFD. Bass is Trillian, horns and trumpet are Samplemodeling, piano is Ivory. The attempt is to get the feel of the 1956 Quintet Freddie Freeloader.

Steve Golick

I used the USB MIDI Breath Controller for a festive big band piece I arranged and played:

Winter Wonderland - Justin Garner

All are virtual instruments - the winds and reeds are by SampleModeling. The breath controller is a great piece of equipment for achieving as much realism as possible!

Justin Garner

I have used your USB MIDI Breath Controller in my 06.05.2014 concert that was a tribute to Michael Brecker's EWI works. I have released some of the songs on YouTube.

Visa Oscar plays ”Original Rays “ (by Michael Brecker)
Visa Oscar plays "Song for Barry" (by Michael Brecker)

The concert was the 2'nd part of my 5 concert series for doctoral studies in the University of the Arts Helsinki jazz department.

Your product literally saved my preparation and research for the Brecker concert back in 2013 because I was unable to get a 2nd hand Yamaha BC3A and then you came up with a reliable class compliant USB product.

Visa Oscar

I bought the breath controller and I am so happy with it. People who are not musicians don't really understand what it is, so I have made a video on YouTube to explain it.

François Sohm

I have been using the breath controller and headset for about a week now and wow! My testimonial is that this is a truly great piece of kit, it's given my pieces life and an extra dimension, in short I don't know how I managed without this gear, astounding! I use it with strings swells, choir fades, flute, oboe (exquisite sounding now). I would like to thank all of you for making this an affordable and truly amazing unit.

Paul Smith

Just wanted to say that I received the USB MIDI Breath Controller and it is BRILLIANT!!!. I'm a wind player, and have been failing to get the hang of MIDI volume pedals and faders - this is so good for my type of playing, so thanks a lot!!

Jack C Arnold

The TEControl USB MIDI Breath Controller works reliably and predictably and since the day I got it I think I used it on every virtual instrument recording that I have done. It is an indispensable piece of technology and you get used to it and use it all the time.

One thing that is really good, if you don't have a lot of experience working with live instruments, if you aren't really familiar with how to phrase for trumpets or clarinets and so on, so you don't know how much breath they can actually handle: using a breath controller will teach you, because you'll run out of breath just like a player will, and it can really help you to get a sense for how much and what velocity and dynamics a player can handle in a given phrase.

Mike Verta
Composer and Visual Effects Artist
Watch Mike's demonstration

I just received my USB MIDI breath controller today, and already I'm set up, and using it with a wide range of sampled orchestral virtual instruments!

I'm a wind player (trumpet, alto sax, soprano sax), and have always been less than thrilled with what I can achieve in terms of dynamics using the mod wheel. The mod, in my opinion, is best used for strings, as for me it simulates bowing. However, for wind instruments, this controller cannot be beaten! The mod wheel, or a fader just cannot simulate breath accurately, or believably.

This should be a go-to tool for all composers who write for winds, and what's more, it works great with Omnisphere, and all my other synths, too! This little tool will get lots of word-of-mouth advertising from me.

If production of these controllers ever ceases, as with the Yamaha, I will be absolutely heart-broken!

Thank you, TEControl! Keep up the great work!

Jason Watts
Composer, Orchestrator, Sound Re-Recording Engineer

I'm travelling a lot, playing with all kinds of keyboards at workshops. Having such a handy USB device with me has helped in many situations. The TEControl Breath Controller is small, sturdy and very effective. I'd even say, it's the WOW-factor of each presentation, especially when used with stacked patches like our Inspiration Presets. AND it comes at a great price. So if you ever thought about adding that next dimension to your virtual instruments performance, this is the way to go.

Paul Steinbauer
Product Manager
Vienna Symphonic Library

The TEControl Breath Controller is enormously helpful for achieving quick and very expressive results using the Velocity Crossfade function of our Vienna Instruments player. It's a very natural feeling to use it, and on top of that, I have my hands free!

Martin G. Tichy
Marketing Manager
Vienna Symphonic Library

The USB MIDI Breath Controller from TEControl is without any doubt one of the best devices I've ever bought. For years I was looking for something to be able to play brass instruments with a more realistic touch and I've met my match. You just plug in the USB-stick and you're good to go, that was the first pleasant surprise. After loading a set of trumpets I started to play and what went on in my studio was simply breathtaking. I've expected a lot but I was overwhelmed by the quality and the sounds that suddenly came out of my computer. This controller is pure gold at a very reasonable price and I don't want to record any brass or woodwind instruments without it from now on.

Yannick "GoldenZen" Zenhäusern
Composer, Radio Host

I am a musician and composer working in Los Angeles. I'm new to this technology but I have been enjoying the TEControl breath controller and breath controller headset ever since it arrived in the mail! The technology works flawlessly with logic pro. I use it with the entire samplemodeling library as well as cinewinds and cinebrass. As a trombone, percussionist, and keyboard player, I'm excited to have the breath control I've always wanted without using a wind controller mainly meant for people who have played woodwind instruments at some point. The software that the controller comes with is very easy to use and straight to the point. I can't put this thing down it's so much fun! Proud to stand behind this one! Excellent work TEControl!

Derrick Spiva Jr
Composer, Conductor, Performer, Educator

I'm not a wind player, but The TEControl breath controller is very very intuitive! I can hear a huge difference in realism and "liveness" in performances I have created with the breath controller. I'm using it with all my brass and winds and even strings. It's much more responsive and much faster than a pedal or foot controller, it does things you just can't do with them. The software is simple and very flexible with a completely modifiable curve structure. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in realistic,detailed midi performances. I use it daily for my underscoring work.

Stuart Kollmorgen
Creative Director
Big Yellow Duck

I'm totally thrilled with the new TEControl breath controller. This is the best one I've used, especially because of the excellent tools for adjusting sensitivity curves. With the departure of the Yamaha BC3a I was just hoping for an adequate replacement; what I got was a big step forward. Thank you!

Theodore Shapiro

I am so pleased to have an easy to use, easy to install, affordable breath controller.  I use breath control all the time in my work and now, to have a USB unit that I can use with any controller is a real life saver.  TEControl gives me (a keyboard player) the kind of dynamic control usually only available to wind and bowed instruments.  Thanks for making this great product.

Dan Radlauer — www.radmusic.net
TEControl Breath Controller with Sample Modeling Trumpet
Cool Jazz with Sample Modeling Sax

Hi, just wanted to let you know, I have been using your breathcontroller for a couple of months now and absolutely love it, it has become an integral part of my recording setup, I use it in almost everything I do.

Andrew Winn
Front Row Music For Film

Just wanted to write you a note to tell you how much I love your breath controller. It's fantastic! I'm following up today by ordering your headset. Thank you for putting out a quality product.

I talk up your breath controller all the time to my composer friends, and I know some of them have purchased one for themselves. One of these days I'm going to have to compose a demo where I use nothing but SampleModeling winds and brass all played with your breath controller. It really has made my compositions much more lifelike.

In fact, just this past weekend, I gave a film director a cue that I had composed for his movie, and he texted me back saying, "My God, your solo trumpet sounds so real!" And, truly, that realism comes from the breath controller. To be fair, the trumpet had to sound pretty good to begin with, but the difference between "That sounds pretty good," and "My God, it sounds so real!" is the breath controller.

Kevin Mathie

I received my breath controller yesterday and it's working perfectly. It's great that you provided the T-connector and the valve with the controller. First I tried playing without the valve, and it was almost impossible to achieve any kind of musical expression with the controller. But after connecting the valve and tuning the sensitivity with the configuration utility, it worked like a dream. Having not played any wind instrument before, I instantly got addicted to this new level of expression and almost blew my brains out last night. Thanks!

Olli Attila

I've tried the Breath Controller already and it's absolutely amazing ! Before getting it, I spent so many hours to edit the volume to draw some curves. Now, just breath. Of course we have to learn to use it and the way it reacts. I made a test with a VSL legato clarinet. For the slow tempos it's perfect! And with the Breath Controller, the problem of long notes is solved. So realistic! Since yesterday, the way I work has changed.