USB MIDI Breath and Bite Controller FAQ

Q: Is the USB MIDI Breath and Bite Controller USB-MIDI class compliant?

A: Yes, it is.

Q: What is the difference compared to the USB MIDI Breath Controller?

A: They both use the same pressure sensor but the Breath and Bite controller includes a lip bite force sensitive mouthpiece.

Q: Should I bite the mouthpiece with my lips or my teeth?

A: With your lips. In order to allow detecting subtle lip pressure changes the protective silicone cover is by design very thin and soft, which makes it and the sensor vulnerable to damage if bitten hard by teeth. Should the cover be damaged, please replace it with a spare (included in the package) to ensure continued protection of the bite sensor from moisture.

Q: Do I need the optional headset?

A: No. Unlike our previous models, the headset and mouthpiece are integrated and are connected to the USB interface by an electrical cable instead of a pipe.

Q: Can the built-in headset be bent?

A: Sure, it is designed specifically to be flexible enough to let you bend it to a comfortable shape yet springy enough to clamp around your head or neck. Just be careful not to apply bending force on the connection to the mouthpiece.

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