TEControl is an independent consulting firm specializing in advanced, real-time computer applications for the industry, consumer market and the scientific community. Our engineers possess pioneering talent in the area of multivariable control with experience in many different fields. We are well connected in the world of control engineering and have contacts with experts in academia, science research and industry. None of your problems will remain unsolved.

We offer consulting services regarding real-time control, modeling, and simulation. Our core expertise includes developing complex real-time control applications and tools and modeling and simulating complex control systems. TEControl complements your expertise with advanced simulation methods, control theory, numerical and real-time analysis, rapid control prototyping and real-time simulation, and software development for embedded and control applications. Our services include the supply of real-time engineering simulators for HIL testing. The real-time simulators feature automatic code generation using powerful COTS hardware components (CPUs, RTOS and I/Os), physical dynamic models.

We provide services for small to medium-sized companies in need of control expertise. By delivering high-quality work at a competitive price, TEControl strives to be the best overall value in advanced control.

As a spin-off of our work we listen to customer needs and take notice of  products that have a wide interest. Some of these we offer for sale here on our website. We encourage suggestions for products you would like to see on the list. Please, check out our products.